Workscope of Service

       :- Oil Sampling : DGA, BDV., Acidity, Moisture Content

       :- Transformer Oil Reconditioned : Purify & Refill 
       :- Replace Gasket, Bushing, Silica gel 
       :- Installation Transformer Cable box
       :- OLTC. Overhaul and Maintenance
       :- Overhauling / Rewinding / PM. / Test / Commissioning


  • Ceramic Epoxy02.JPG
    Workscope :Inspection, Cast iron or brass patching, Sand blast, surface cleaing with safety chemical, Epoxy silicon carbide putty & patching, Ceramic polymer carbide coating, D...

  • Field Services03.JPG
    Field Replace Bearing :-Remove motor from base plate, Electrical check, Replace bearing, Motor re-install, Shaft laser alignment, Motor on-load and on-load test run with voltage, c...
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