AC.Motor Repairing

LV. & HV. AC. Motor Service

Induction Motor, Squirrel-Cage Motor, Slip-Ring Motor, Motor with Gear, Motor with Pump, Motor with Blower Fan.

Workscope of AC. Motor Repairing :-  Insulation resistance check, Winding resistance check, Surge test check, Winding temperature device check (Thermostat, Thermistor, PT-100), Winding heater check Overhauling, Rewinding, Replace bearing (Contact bearing & Sleeve bearing include Re-babbitt), Shaft metal spray, Bearing housing metal spray or Rebush bearing housing, Replace shaft, Replace rotor bar with end-ring, Replace cooling fan, Replace fan cover, Replace terminal board, Replace terminal stud, Casting-machine bearing housing of all motor parts, Modify-Install Inner Bearing Cap for install grease nipple, Dynamic balancing, Final test run include service report with picture.






ABB AC.Motor 



Workscope of  AC. Slip-Ring Motor Repairing :-  Overhauling, Rewinding, Replace Slip-Ring, Reinsulation Slip-Ring, Skimming & Polishing Slip-Ring, Roundness - Spring pressure profile check, Replace & Rinsulation & Repair brush holder with spring, Replace carbon brush.




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