DC.Motor Repairing

 DC. Motor Service

     Workscope of DC. Motor Repairing :-  Insulation resistance check, Winding resistance check, Surge test check, Winding temperature device check (Thermostat, Thermistor, PT-100), Winding heater check Overhauling & Rewinding (Inter pole coils, Shunt field coils), Overhaul & Rewind Armature, Replace commutator, Skimming-Under cut-Chamfer of commutator, Replace bearing, Shaft metal spray, Bearing housing metal spray or Rebush bearing housing, Replace shaft, Replace terminal board, Replace terminal stud, Replace carbon brush, Replace brush holder, Sand blast brush holder, Dynamic blancing, Final test run include service report with picture and special check of commutator roundness - spring profile check.


Traction DC.Motor 






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